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GEMT Deadline Changes from DHCS Website (11/01/2013)
It appears that the initial 12/2/2013 submittal deadline has been extended to a submittal deadline period: 12/2/2013 - 03/01/2014.

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Wittman Enterprises GEMT Webinar (10/30/2013)
Thank you to all of our participants.  Your response was overwhelming.  Please access the webinar transcript below (NOTE: the wmv file is fairly large and may take a few moments to play).  The GEMT program is still very fluid and as such the information provided by Wittman Enterprises, LLC and any guests or speakers is provided as an interpretation based upon information currently available.  It is not the final say nor should it be used as the final determiner in any GEMT decisions you make.  We have merely provided a forum to share current ideas about the program between our clients.

       Webinar Audio Transcript

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Program Policy and Procedure Letter: PPL 13-001 (09/30/2013)