West Covina Fire Department
Ambulance Subscription Program
A program for West Covina residents since 2009, local businessess since 2018

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West Covina Ambulance Subscription Program
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The Ambulance Subscription Program is a great value even if you, your family, or your employees have insurance, Medicare, or Medi-Cal. Most insurance plans do not cover 100% of the cost of emergency ambulance transportation.

With an active Ambulance Subscription Program membership, your $69 enrollment fee will cover any co-payment or deductible you might otherwise incur, resulting from the cost of emergency ambulance transportation
Did you know that all ambulances in Los Angeles County charge the same rates? The rates are developed each year by the Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Agency. Here are the General Public Ambulance Rates, effective June 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018:

* Transportation of a emergency 9-1-1 call with equipment and personnel at a basic life support (BLS) level: $1,407

* Transportation of a emergency 9-1-1 call with equipment and personnel at an advanced life support (ALS) level: $2,108

By joining the Ambulance Subscription Program, if you are transported by emergency ambulance, whatever amount is paid by your insurance provider will be accepted as “payment in full,” leaving you with $0 co-payment or deductible.