About Us
Wittman Enterprises is an EMS Billing Specialist, meaning that we focus all our attention on providing products and services specifically designed to ensure that EMS providers are reimbursed timely for the services they provide. Through this focus, we collect the maximum legal reimbursement available for our clients. Wittman Enterprises, LLC builds EMS partnerships that provide what you want when you need it. By focusing our exceptional customer service on Accessibility, Accountability, Compliance Management, Comprehensive Revenue Recovery, and Reliability, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

We are recognized throughout the industry for our professional relationships with providers and third-party payers, as well as our thoughtful yet collection-oriented communications with patients and their representatives. Our tenacity in researching each transport at the beginning of the billing process, and working with our clients collaboratively to improve the front-end patient care documentation processes, are key elements to our billing and collection success. Since our only business is EMS billing, our staff is highly dedicated and trained in this field. Finally, we firmly believe that your best interest is served by continuous vigilance insuring that any Medicare or Medicaid audit will not catch you unprotected. We stay current on relevant industry issues and proactive with you, continually updating you about changes, opportunities, and news that affect your EMS programs.

“The commitment of your organization has directly aided the success of our program, proving the implementation of this particular type of EMS-delivery was not only financially beneficial, but also completely feasible.  The professionalism and dependability of both you and your staff is unwavering.”

Mike S., Deputy Fire Chief