Anticipating and managing your EMS billing needs at all times.

From the beginning of our partnership we anticipate and manage for you issues such as Medicare compliance, revalidation, and multiple payor cross-referencing. We reconcile payments from legacy billing accounts, respond to legal and other requests, and tailor a reporting program that meets your specific needs. There are no requirements or added costs for electronically interfacing with Wittman Enterprises. We provide extensive mapping of information from our ePCR partners directly to our billing system, providing reliable information for billing and collection services.

In over 30 years in business, Wittman Enterprises has never received a negative audit finding.
“Especially during the current recession, having a dependable team like Wittman working with us has ensured that our EMS revenue is accurately billed, collected in a timely manner, and promptly reported.”

Rhonda M., CFO