Claims-per-Staff Ratio
Through streamlined efficiency, talented staff, selective automation, and continuous improvement, Wittman has a long track record of strong collection returns for our clients on billed charges. Wittman Enterprises generally outperforms our competitors by 10% to 20% in net collections for our EMS partners. We believe that people are the key to our success. Wittman maintains our Claims-per-Staff Ratio (generally 30% more resources than our competitors) based on upholding the standard of practice our clients expect.

As part of our own Comprehensive Revenue Recovery philosophy, Wittman does not pursue just “the easy” money. Many of our competitors have elected to automate many processes as cost saving measures to stay competitive. However, without people reviewing each claim, you are only able to collect from clean, straightforward claims that do not require additional research. Complex claims prove too difficult for automated systems since they are processed by algorithmic programs. Many believe algorithms will not be advanced enough for many years, if ever, to properly understand and interpret the nuances of the English language. Yet many competitors seem willing to spend money on new (and often unproven) technology and eliminate valuable human resources that make an EMS billing and collection systems work.

At Wittman Enterprises, we have chosen a different path. Wittman innovates by fully embracing automated and technological advances while wholly recognizing that our quality service is reliant upon our talented people providing you the best level of service. We believe in our people and our results speak for themselves. In addition to collecting from Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance, we aggressively appeal all denials, research all private pays to find viable insurance, and we work with patients to arrange alternate methods of repayment.  We believe that while technology is enormously helpful, it is only as good as the people managing it.