Together: We Achieve the Extraordinary
Wittman Enterprises is dedicated to providing excellence in EMS billing and consulting. We accomplish this through a complete, accountable, and quality production of service, achieved through timely performance of responsibilities to clients and staff.

Dedicated: As part of our dedication to the needs of our clients we provide services that allow you to focus on the important public safety matters you are tasked with maintaining. For example, we work closely with our clients compiling, completing, submitting, and following up on all Medicare Revalidation requirements associated with Section 6028 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Section 6401.

Accurate: Our comprehensive and ongoing training program allows us to continuously improve the way we conduct your business and get you your maximum reimbursement available. Accuracy and professionalism are hallmarks of our brand of customer support and are maintained through continuous monitoring of phone transactions for quality assurance, as well as by full-time auditors who ensure the accuracy of coding, pre-billing, and adherence to client, company, and government standards and requirements.

Positive: One of our highest priorities is personal attention to you. At every step of the billing process we work with you to improve continually all aspects of the patient care documentation process. Through our diverse client base we develop customized billing and reporting programs that best suit your specialized needs.

Personal: Wittman’s partnerships include large and small EMS providers. Our day-to-day personal relationships with you and your patients, along with the most current and useful automation, software, and hardware tools, make doing business together a personal and successful experience. We take great pride in the fact that none of our clients ever feel as though they are just one of many.

Leaders: Our CEO Corinne Wittman-Wong is an active member of multiple association payer committees. We believe strongly that your best interests are served by continued diligence, ensuring that any Medicare or Medicaid audit does not catch you unprotected. We are leaders in developing specialized collection methods that meet your unique EMS billing needs.

Quality: We view quality assurance as our opportunity to verify that our services regularly meet and exceed your expectations. Our program follows the Shewhart Cycle’s four steps: Plan, Do, Check, and Act, to ensure that our professional excellence is inherent in every part of our billing processes for you. We continually audit our billing process through the life of the PCR: from coding, cash receipts, claims compliance, customer service, paper and electronic billing, to incoming and outgoing calls.
“I can confidently state that Wittman Enterprises’ reputation as the preeminent paramedic billing company in California is a reputation that has been well earned.”

Robert R., Controller