For more than 30 years Wittman Enterprises has customized service innovations and solutions for our partners in the EMS industry. We serve over 120 public EMS clients and bill more than 652,000 claims annually. Our superior staff specializes in EMS billing and continually audits our work to ensure we maintain the exceptional quality of our billing services. The importance of these characteristics is that any number of claims will be handled with the same quality assurance.  Our solutions include:

Increased Revenue Recovery:
Providing every human and technology resource available to reduce billing costs and optimize your revenue recovery.

EMS Billing: Our only line of business is EMS billing, specializing in ambulance transportation with an emphasis on emergency transports.

Fire Inspection and False Alarm Billing: Enhancing our comprehensive EMS billing services, we provide fire inspection service billing and false alarm billing.

Ambulance Membership Administration and Billing: We help you design and administer your membership programs and roll-out new fee structures and service programs.

Freedom for You: The time to concentrate on what you do best.

Expertise: Wittman’s expertise on third-party insurance, interpretation and proper application of Medicare and Medicaid laws, and our ongoing effort to exceed current accepted standards for accurate, consistent, and best EMS billing practices, generate higher collection returns for our clients.

Integration with any ePCR System: We work closely with most major ePCR vendors and can interface with virtually any ePCR system. There are no added costs for an electronic billing interface with Wittman Enterprises.

Patient Care: Helping balance the sensitive medical needs of patients with the financial accountability needs of your organization.

Electronic Access to Records: Secured Internet access to our system via our 24-hour Client Portal, Patient Portal, and Collections Portal.

Clear and Concise Reporting: Customized performance reporting program providing reports that are accurate, easy to read, robust, individualized, and accessible.

Tenacious Insurance Follow Up: Let us fight these battles for you.

Confidentiality, Security, Privacy: We follow the “Privacy Rules” as put forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountably Act of 1996, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act.

Extensive Patient Database: We serve more than 100 clients and, as an EMS billing specialist since 1991, have accumulated an extensive national patient database allowing us to check every new account against every patient in our database.

Lowest Claims-per-Staff Ratio: Wittman Enterprises dedicates 53 Customer Service Representatives to follow up on over 30,000 trips per month, compared to most agencies with less than a third of that dedicated work force. Our EMS billing and collection success is tied directly to the ratio of PCRs to the number of quality people assigned to your project.

Medicare Revalidations: As part of our service we compile, complete, submit, and follow up on all Medicare Revalidation requirements associated with Section 6028 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Seamless Transitions: We help facilitate a smooth transition from your old vendor to our service. Wittman has significant experience in working out old work from numerous billing systems and providing you the maximum legal reimbursement possible on that work.

Progress and Performance Analyses: To help you evaluate the ongoing success of your EMS billing program, we provide regular progress and performance analyses of your billing and collection data. Typically these analyses can include a detailed explanation of data from your customized reporting such as the Activity Summary, the Aging by Current Payor-Trip Date, and the Year-to-Date Revenue Report.

Secured FTP Site: We provide you access to our own secure FTP site. There is no file size limitation on uploads.

Capturing all billable items: Our Certified Ambulance Coders and expert staff evaluate every PCR to ensure that we bill all appropriate trip charges allowed, providing you your maximum legal reimbursement available.

Quality Assurance: Our Quality Assurance Team continually reviews accounts to ensure accuracy and regulatory compliance. Client-specific Policies and Standard Operating Procedures are created and regularly updated along with the specialized training of our staff on the particular requirements of your billing program.

Compliance: Wittman’s billing program is audited annually to ensure that you are protected and that our billing processes remain fully compliant with all local, city, state, federal, CMS, and HIPAA regulations. Our internal compliance committee meets quarterly and reviews any Medicare issues and new information that may affect your program. Ongoing training and education policies require staff to attend continuing education seminars conducted by CMS, for example, and by industry leaders such as Page, Wolfberg, and Wirth and the American Ambulance Association.

Legal Requests: Wittman Enterprises receives and processes attorney requests and account copy requests on your behalf. We safely maintain your medical records and associated correspondence under HIPAA guidelines so that information is available as needed for review of any patient account. From the initial PCR to the invoice for billing and the insurance EOBs, our Electronic Document Storage System keeps your records readily available for you and for any authorized legal requests.
“We are very fortunate to have your organization as business associates, especially during these difficult economic times. We rely on your expertise to help us navigate through the complicated laws and regulations that govern the billing and collection portion of your operations. We rely on your diligence to get your job done so that we can continue to do ours. Since I’ve worked for the fire service, I have always believed your organization to be the best in the industry. You have the greatest staff. Their customer service and responsiveness is second to none.”

Cathy O., EMS Manager