ePCR System Integration
ping of required information with your chosen ePCR system to ensure seamless integration with our billing system. There are no requirements or added costs for an electronic interface with Wittman Enterprises. We work closely with most of the major ePCR systems including Alpine, Beyond Lucid, Digital Solutions, EMS Charts, ESO Solutions, FieldSaver, Fire House, Health EMS (Sansio), High Plains, ImageTrend, iPCR, Med-Media, and ZOLL ePCR systems.

Wittman’s in-house IT team has also worked with other systems including RMS systems like ZOLL’s RescueNet FireRMS, and ImageTrend’s Fire Bridge, as well as computer aided dispatch CAD systems like Marvlis.


“I believe the single biggest issue impacting our increased revenue is submitting claims faster and fully completed. Gosh, I’m sure glad you are on our Team!”

Donna M., Program Manager