For more than 30 years we have provided complete ambulance billing services and accounts receivable management services for BLS, ALS, and non-transport services in compliance with current local, state, and federal laws and statutes. We effectively file and collect on claims with Medicare and Medicaid and other government programs, as well as commercial health insurance providers.

Our technological capabilities include:
• A powerful billing and reporting system with automatic generation of all Medicare and Medicaid claim statements.
• Automated generation of claims for Worker’s Compensation, Personal Injury Protection, and third party insurance companies.
• Our Client Portal, allowing you unlimited access to patient invoicing and billing, PCR copies, claim correspondence, and collection activity reports.
• Fully itemized statements and customized reporting designed and adapted to meet your informational needs.
• Powerful billing software providing immediate posting of payments, regular updates to required patient billing information, retaining a record of charges to patient accounts, and cross-referencing all database information pertaining to patient files.

Our billing services are conducted strictly in accordance with all state, local, federal, HIPAA and Red Flag rules and regulations. Services include:
• Thorough review of every Patient Contact Report (PCR) for content, accuracy, and validity for billing and collection purposes.
• Timely and accurate processing of all billings and follow-up, refunds, and overpayments.
• Working closely with you to handle special accounts.
• Managing delinquent accounts to meet and exceed your program requirements.

Reports and Records
You will have access to our Client Portal and client reporting system which allows your approved personnel to obtain patient invoices, account balances, billing reports, PCR copies, claim correspondence, and other hands-on account management tools.
• Daily, monthly, quarterly, annual, and special reporting can be provided in PDF and Excel formats, while our Portal reporting system interfaces with Crystal reporting software.
• On-demand reports are our specialty and are available at any time via a simple phone conversation with your Client Liaison.
• All of your reporting needs are met through your preference of in-person phone conversations, emails, or through your accessing the Client Portal.